Pet Friendly Page

Will I be welcomed at Deane's?

YES! The staff here at Deane's really love dogs! When you arrive we will provide you with a "pet bag" to borrow. The pet bag contains the following:

  1. A towel (because you will want to visit our beautiful sandy beach)
  2. A pet bed to borrow (because who can be expected to sleep on the floor!)
  3. A dish for water (just in case your humans forget yours)
  4. Some tasty snacks (because everyone loves snacks!)

Is the beach at Deane's good for dogs?

YES! The beach here is probably one of the nicest beaches for a dog anywhere! There is 7 miles of sandy beach. So you can walk for miles, play in the surf, dig holes, play with toys and in general have a ball! Plus, there aren't large crowds here which means more freedom for you to run and play.


Can dogs stay in the room alone?

Dogs may not be left alone even if they promise not to bark because nearly every dog barks when their owners leave them in a strange place.  There are several options. 1.) Staying in the car is usually OK at the coast as it rarely gets above 70 degrees. 2.) There are several local pet sitters that would love to help you out and we can help with the arrangements if you give us notice before your arrival.

Do I have to stay on a leash on the beach?

Dogs must either be on a 6' leash or under voice control on the beach outside of Deane's.   However, if you choose to let your pet off leash while on the beach, all owners are responsible for their pets and common sense should dictate that only friendly, well socialized dogs, that "come" on command be permitted off leash. 

What if my paws get super sandy when I'm playing on the beach?

There is a paw rinsing station between the beach and your room. This is a great place to rinse off sandy paws (and sandy bodies, sandy people etc).

Are there other places that I might want to explore in Yachats?

YES! For beach walking you really can't beat the beach at Deane's but there are other fun places to visit. Cape Perpetua natural scenic area has multiple trails and is great for hiking. Plus, Yachats is very pet friendly and you'll be welcome walking around town with your owners. In addition, there are numerous beaches and parks along the Oregon Coast for you to explore.

Where am I allowed to exercise and go potty during my stay?

There are 2 large grassy areas conveniently located on the East and West sides of Deane's. There are "pet waste bags" in each area. We have made it easy for owners to clean up after their pets and keep the area nice for everyone.

What if I forget something?

The staff at Deane's is happy to help if you have forgotten anything. In addition to the pet bag, we have pet beds to borrow, additional towels, additional dishes and more. We can also help direct your owners to places to buy pet food.


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